WATCH: 21st Century “Environmentalism” Explained in less than 90 Seconds

December 21, 2016



The following excerpt is from the article Standing Rock: Profusion, Collusion & Big Money Profits [Part 6 | Conclusion]

“Environmentalism is dead. Today we bear witness to 21st century anthropocentrism. The goal is no longer to protect nature and all living things. In stark contrast, the goal is to now propel technology at the expense of nature and all living things. A “clean energy revolution”, at the expense of what little remains of nature and non-human life, for the gratification of human desires. In this sense western societies have collectively devolved to the most contemptible depths imaginable. Yet, as a conditioned society, few notice. As always, youth are targeted and groomed, the sacrificial lambs for continued capitalism….

Collectively, Western society has been conditioned to believe that anthropocentrism is environmentalism and anthropocentrists are environmental activists. It is quite possible that this may be one of the best examples of successful social engineering to date, as financed by the world’s most powerful oligarchs.”


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  • ivo on Dec 30, 2016

    Another tribe trying to mount a pipeline protest…..

  • ivo on Dec 29, 2016

    attempts at new pipeline encampments:

    Scouring the websites of ran, 350, boldalliance, nrdc, sierraclub….not so much as a peep about these…

  • ivo on Dec 28, 2016

    Two interesting articles on IndianCountryMediaNetwork.

    “I’ll say it,” he stated [Archambault], pointing at the camera. “The only reason people are trying to stay is because there’s donations. There is money. And if that’s our motive to stay here, we’re no better than that pipeline company. If that’s your reason to be here, you’re no better than the oil company.

    “I think people are saying things right now to get what they want,” Archambault continued. “All this camp is doing right now is creating friction and accusing—accusing SRST, who’s been hosting, accommodating and meeting needs.”

    The Tribe issued yet another press release addressing the topic on December 21. They stated that the Tribal Council members are working together and have agreed that they must do their best to develop new relationships with the incoming administration.

    “We must try to educate and explain in the hopes that they understand, or at least grant us the benefit of the doubt,” the Tribe said. “We will not win any arguments if we go in completely oppositional to this administration. We are in no way ‘negotiating’ with the companies nor the administration. We are not giving into the proposed route and never will.”

    Another article on the San Carlos Apache Tribe battle against Battle Oak Flat Copper Mine Bid

    7000 acres are to be sacrificed for a copper mine that will provide “ a key ingredient in wind and solar energy.”

    Lets see how much attention this one gets by the NPIC and the NODAPL movement.

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