WATCH: Alberta’s Environment Minister Commends Leap Manifesto’s Tzeporah Berman for Helping Craft the Tar Sands Deal





Leap Manifest Brainstorm Session

Pictured above (May, 2015) is Tzeporah Berman (first row, third from right). Berman is one of many who contributed to the text of the “Leap Manifesto”, an initiative founded by Naomi Klein’sThis Changes Everything” project. It is critical to note the almost non-existence of non-anglos in positions of power and decision making (with the exception being photo ops) within the foundation financed “movements”. This institutionalized racism has become so normalized that it goes almost unnoticed unless it is pointed out (as in this instance).


Below: Video Published on Jul 7, 2016

“Bold New Climate Policy In Canada’s Oil Sands”


“How Oil Companies And Environmental Organizations Are Creating New Conversations About Decarbonization In A Resource Rich Economy”

Nigel Topping, CEO, We Mean Business, introduced the final discussion of the morning, between Steve Williams, CEO, Suncor, one of Canada’s biggest oil companies, and climate campaigner and strategy advisor Tzeporah Berman, about their innovative collaboration which led to ground-breaking new climate policies on Canada’s oil sands.” [Source]



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The Collaborative Model Takes Root in Alberta’s Tar Sands:




  • Bob Lewis on Sep 01, 2016

    This woman is such a waste of time.
    I understand that this is her career, and if she were to get too radical, she might have to get a real job, but does she really believe the crap she spouts?
    Common ground? ‘We both want Canada to have a strong economy.” (yay capitalism!)
    Energy alternatives – like wind, solar… LMAO – these are just meaningless gestures that also make a lot of money for Suncor, among others. Nobody has ever made any attempt to calculate the full lifecycle environmental cost of wind and solar power – carbon and pollution from the initial mining of the materials to processing, and all the way through to dealing with the remains at the end of the life cycle, not to mention the coal, oil or gas backup necessary to prevent brownouts. Germany’s much vaunted wind turbines are backed up by lignite powered generation. Lignite is dirty coal.
    What she is involved in is incremental changes. It is true that progress can be made with enough tiny steps over a long enough time period, but not if the problem is getting worse, at a faster rate than your tiny steps, and the exercise is pointless if climate change is going to overcome the world in 15 years and your tiny steps are only marginally slowing the decline.

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