Just Say No to 350

A Culture of Imbeciles

April 30, 2015

By Jay Taber

privatization of commons

When 350 targeted Bolivia and The Peoples Agreement on Climate Change for subversion in 2010, it was an act of aggression with roots in the 2009 attempted coup — funded by the U.S. State Department — in reaction to the 2008 constitutional revolution of Bolivia’s indigenous peoples. The inspiration for the indigenous uprising, that saw the world’s first indigenous head of state elected, was the 2005 attempt at privatization of Bolivia’s water by the US-based Bechtel Corporation that foreshadowed the “new economy” promoted by 350 in 2014.

Privatization Future

That “new economy” builds on other privatization schemes on a global scale; REDD and other carbon-market shell games, like fossil fuel divestment, are the ultimate institutionalization of the theft of public resources by the finance sector. The finance sector – that in 2008-2009 devastated the US and EU economies through loan fraud and bank bailouts – has now set its sights on privatizing all aspects of life on earth.


Cheerleading global privatization — enabled by UN agencies like the IMF and World Bank — are financier-sponsored NGOs like 350, Avaaz and Ceres–all of which have fundamental ties to Wall Street moguls and finance sector criminals. Having hijacked the environmental movement on behalf of Wall Street, these false fronts are currently pressing for changes in international law that would give the finance sector carte blanche in privatizing all of nature.


With the 2007 UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples – a threat to globalization – the finance sector immediately began co-opting the indigenous peoples movement through foundation grants to compromised NGOs approved by the UN. These compromised NGOs and individuals are paid to legitimize the annihilation of indigenous nations via UN agencies in partnership with Wall Street.

Greed Economy

Indigenous peoples from five countries told the UN Rio+20 summit that the green economy is a “crime against humanity” that ‘dollarises’ Mother Nature and strips communities of their rights.

Photo: KeystoneUSA-ZUMA / Rex Features

As indigenous nations challenge Wall Street and the UN over globalization, compromised NGOs like 350 distort reality through social and mainstream media. The “new economy” they promote is essentially what used to be called fascism. While finance sector puppets like Naomi Klein charm gullible liberals with bromides and syllogisms about sustainability, what they are in reality sustaining is totalitarian corporate control of world governance and human survival.


[Jay Taber is an associate scholar of the Center for World Indigenous Studies, a correspondent to Forum for Global Exchange, and a contributing editor of Fourth World Journal. Since 1994, he has served as communications director at Public Good Project, a volunteer network of researchers, analysts and activists engaged in defending democracy. As a consultant, he has assisted indigenous peoples in the European Court of Human Rights and at the United Nations. Email: tbarj [at] Website:]

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  • Art Lewellan on Sep 18, 2015

    Greetings. I hope you’ll take my message seriously. I’ve been a light rail advocate in the transit design and land-use planning profession since 1992 from Portland where and when the national movement began. Looking back I’m satisfied progress has been made. My message is a warning that the State of Washington DOTs and transit agencies are intentionaly obstructing important reforms and most important, are about to finish constructing a highway tunnel under Seattle that will inevitably undermine vulnerable historic and modern building foundations above. Gradually over time, the destabilizing affect will force demolition and limit replacement structures. And in earthquake, sudden collapse is too highly probable. The proposed seawall replacement design also will inevitably fall as its foundation is weak and its basic structure top-heavy and off-center balanced.

    Virolently corrupt Wsdot was the lead agency in the bi-state Columbia River Crossing I-5 Bridge replacement fiasco making decisions that could only lead to its abrupt rejection. Oregon DOT finished its fine work replacing the horrible Marine Drive and Hayden Island interchanges on time only to be rejected by Wsdot calling the shots.

    The vulnerable player in the war on fossil fuels is Bill Gates. If his deep bore tunnel (directly to the Gates Foundation campus) is finished as proposed, so too Seattle is finished. There is a Plan B for Bertha (Tunnel Bore Machine nickname) available for consideration, yet censored in the press. Are the big boys are planning a Katrina-like apocalyptic disaster for Seattle?
    Art Lewellan
    Author, The Seattle Circulator Plan
    (still blacklisted in Seattle)

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