Response from TckTckTck Partner: Xanvil – Cultura y Ecología – Feb. 22nd, 2010

From: Ian David Hollingshead [] Sent: February-22-10 11:06 AM
To: Canadians for Action on Climate Change
Cc: Adriana Fabiola Sanchez
Subject: Re: TckTckTck Concerns | Time Sensitive – Your Response is Requested

Esteemed Canadians for Action on Climate Change,

Thank you for your letter and concern regarding this issue that is very important to us in particular light of the fact that COP16 will take place in Mexico.

Please consider the following responses to you questions:

1)     Was your NGO aware that the brand “TckTckTck” has deep corporate ties?

No, we were not aware of the extent of corporate interests or ties of the campaign.

2)     If so, how do you understand this relationship?

3)     Do you see yourselves as part of a campaign alongside “corporate partners” such as nuclear energy, genetic engineering, biofuels, aviation, automotive and other problematic sectors?

We are not necessarily opposed to private financing of campaigns. However, if there are prevailing conflicts of corporate interest   with the specific goals or intentions of the campaign we would be opposed to these relationships that are in conflict with our goals and objectives as an organization.

4)     If so, do you see how this creates confusion? See answer above.

5)     In a release from Havas Worldwide it states “the idea behind TckTckTck was to create a movement…rather than a campaign, but a movement with a deadline. …the objective of the campaign was to make it become a movement that consumers, advertisers and the media would use and exploit.”

Were you aware that your NGO’s name and credibility would be used as a commodity in this way? (and continues to be used)

We were in no way aware of the above mentioned intention of the campaign and we are very concerned.

6) Do you intend to remain a partner of TckTckTck even though there are corporate ties?

We will analyse the information you have sent and if the asserted conflicted of interest is true we will no longer remain a partner of the campaign.

7) Would you like to be removed from the list of partners of TckTckTck?

If yes to number 7;

To be removed from the list, contact

Our board will be taking up this issue shortly.

8) Would your organization endorse the proposed ‘Post Cop15 Declaration’ that unequivocally supports the needs of the developing states.  It can be read here.

We are currently working on a number of issues and proposals for COP16. I will be reviewing the linked Declaration. We would be most interested in knowing more about the position and goals of Canadians for Action on Climate Change. This unfortunate and disheartening use of social networking that has apparently led us to partner with a campaign that has less that transparent goals is very concerning. Hopefully, a more positive and pro-active networking can be born of this to actually reach meaningful results.

As I previously mentioned we are currently focused on a number of particular and substantive issues for COP16.

Please refer all future correspondence regarding this issue to myself Ian Hollingshead, Director General Xanvil A.C.

Ian Hollingshead

Xanvil A.C.

+52 (444) 833-0642


From: Canadians for Action on Climate Change [] Sent: March-01-10 10:10 AM
To: ‘Ian David Hollingshead’
Cc: ‘Global Compliance’
Subject: [gccaall] RE: Response; relevant information for partners of tcktcktck

Hi Ian,

Below is our response to tcktcktck which was sent to the GCCA-tcktcktck partner list this morning.

We hope to hear from you soon as we very much appreciated your care and concern you demonstrated in your reply to our survey.


Cory Morningstar

Joan Russow


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