Watch: The Green New Deal Deconstructed – Eleven Pages of (NOT) Shocking Surprises

Daily Clout

January 2, 2019


Naomi Wolf is an author, journalist, and former political advisor to both Al Gore and Bill Clinton.

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We actually READ the #GreenNewDeal. It’s NOT a draft bill — it’s 11 pages of a Google doc with shocking surprises. It assigns a vast “wartime footing” level amount of taxpayer money to private entities — VCs, the private Federal Reserve, “new banks” and any “financial instrument” the 15 members of the committee decide ‘appropriate.” It creates a national SMART GRID — which is terrible for human health and great for telecoms and surveillance. It gives the 15 committee members the right to not hold any public hearings about the “green new deal,” if they so choose. It creates loopholes that leave them free to not have normal term limits. It hands vast sums to air and ocean carbon capture, which is an experimental geoengineering tech for which silicon valley investors own IP. It states that the “green new deal” will be released on a website and a publication — not on govtrack, where public transparency is assured (and where we at DailyClout get our API). It transfers “unlimited” resources at the will of the 15 and their chosen partners in business, industry etc to groups defined by race, gender and rural-ness, thus violating the equal protections in our Constitution. It’s a shocking document.




  • Patricia P Tursi, Ph.D. on Feb 28, 2019

    I was disturbed by OAC’s talking about how they decided upon the name for this new deal without mentioning where it originated. Plagiarism came to mind & lack of trust followed. Listening to Dr Wolf, my suspicions were confirmed. Before the new deal was announced, I questioned skyrocketing fame which is usually backed by powers who desire to use and promote a star. But, I thought, just wait & see. The latest version of the Green new Deal confirmed my suspicions. Just as US foreign aid is used as a Trojan Horse, it looks like this is also setting up a coup.

  • kiers on Jan 25, 2019

    Thanks for pointing this out!
    Janet Yellen was earlier spinning Carbon Tax credits as a means to distribute income to americans…..all kinds of spin out there. thanks.

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