WATCH: Emergency All Nations Great Peace Gathering July 15-20, 2012 – Urgent memo to all Nations


As in 1701, it is time for all Nations to put their personal feelings aside and to gather as “one voice” before it is too late. An Emergency — All Nations Great Peace Gathering is needed due to a very different and critical purpose than just a Great Peace Gathering which is to be held on July 15th to 20th, 2012 in Brantford Ontario. You may attend whatever day you wish during that period.

The Emergency All Nations Great Peace Gathering is to ensure the future of all Nations and can only be a success if the decision makers of all Nations gather to ensure your very existence as Nations since the Governments are finalizing your assimilation through manipulation, lies and deceit.

The assembly of First Nations Chiefs need to react once and for all and especially during their meeting in Toronto July 15th to 19th for their people in regards to “proper decolonization otherwise, all will be lost.

This urgent meeting is about the future of your generation and the final extinction of your rights and existence as they are being taken away from all Nations behind closed doors by those to blind to see what is happening on a grander scale. Even if the hearts of the chiefs are in the right place, they have no clue what they are doing to this generation and the next seven to come because they have not been aware of what is going on worldwide at this moment and within other nations.

For your own protection and your peoples, all land claims negotiations must stop immediately otherwise you will be giving away your rights to all of Turtle Island which is all of the Americas. For some reason, in Canada and in the US, many have forgotten that they are North American Indians and not Canadian or US citizens.


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