Clerics in Pakistan’s Kohistan District Make Decision to Expel Conspiring NGOs

Hamara News

Islamabad, June 13 (ANI)

Clerics in Pakistan”s Kohistan district have decided in principle to expel non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from the district after accusing them of working against Kohistani tribal customs.

“We have given the NGOs time until June 29 to pack up,” Maulvi Karimdad, a local cleric and son of former MNA Maulana Abdul Haleem, told The Express Tribune.

He said a meeting of Ulema was held in Badakot Kamela village, headed by Maulana Haleem, to discuss the emerging situation.

The meeting was attended by over 85 prayer leaders from across Kohistan district. They blamed NGO workers for launching a campaign against Kohsitani customs and Islamic codes, adding that despite repeated warnings they did not stop ”hatching conspiracies” against the Kohistani Ulema and their customs.

“Whatever humiliation the tribes of Kohistan have faced in the last fortnight is part of the conspiracies of NGOs,” said Maulvi Karimdad.

He added that another meeting would be held on June 29, after which they would give a final warning to the NGOs to wind up and leave the district or else face consequences. However, he said they have no plans on using force against the NGOs.

Criticising the role of NGOs, Karimdad said that while the organisations get billions of rupees for development in education, health and infrastructure, they hardly spend any money on the people in Kohistan. He also suggested donors to channel funds through the government and local clerics rather than to people from outside the district. He further accused NGO women of spreading obscenity and misguiding Kohistani women.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz MPA from Kohistan, Abdul Sattar Khan, said that since NGOs were working for the wellbeing of Kohistanis they would be provided full security. (ANI)

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