Greenoxx NGO sells first tons of REDD Project

Greenoxx NGO sells first tons of REDD Project

Contributed by Clair Marrey
Added: 10 May 2010
Expires: 30 November 2010
The Madre de Dios Amazon REDD Project has sold its first 40,000 tons of CO2 in May 2010. Approved according to the CCB Standards & due to it’s high social & environmental sustainability the project obtained Gold Level status.

The Madre de Dios Amazon REDD Project has been registered in the Markit Environmental Registry, as another step towards its future registration in the VCS. The project sold its first 40.000 tons of CO2 in May 2010, at a USD 7 price per carbon certificate.

The Madre de Dios Amazon REDD Project has been approved according to the CCB Standards (Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standards). Due to its high social and environmental sustainability the project obtained Gold Level, being one of first REDD projects to achieve said status.

The project has been developed by Greenoxx NGO, who also financed an important part of the project and is exclusively commercializing.

Greenoxx NGO is a non-governmental organization dedicated to combat Climate Change, an integrant of the Ammado Foundation, based in Dublin, Ireland, and integrated by more than 1800 nonprofits worldwide and a participant in the network of non-governmental organizations of the sustainable community, WiserEarth.

Greenoxx NGO is a Member of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), being able to act as Offset Aggregator. As Offset Aggregator, Greenoxx NGO is responsible for the elaboration and registration of projects eligible for the CCX, as well as of submitting them for approval before the CCX Forestry Committee. It is also responsible for the presentation of annual reports and submission of the corresponding information to CCX officially approved verifiers. As Official Trader or Offset Aggregator, Greenoxx NGO is officially authorized to execute sales on the CCX Trading Platform on behalf of project owners.

At the same time, Greenoxx NGO, integrates the CCX Forestry Committee, whose main responsibilities are the approval of commercial forestry and offset projects, the technical revision of the quantification methodologies and the making of appropriate rule changes. The Forestry Committee, integrated by Greenoxx NGO, does pioneering work in establishing new standards and protocols.

The proposed project activity consists on sustainable forest management in the forestry certified timber concessions “Maderera Río Acre S.A.C. and Maderera Río Yaverija S.A.C.” in Madre de Dios, Peru.

The project is located in the hydrographic basin of the Acre River, Iñapari district, Tahuamanu province in the Madre de Dios department in the Peruvian Amazon.

An environmental study of the Vilcabamba-Amboró Conservation Corridor was recently carried out by the Peruvian NGO AIDER1. Within the objectives of the report was the identification of potential avoided deforestation projects to be implemented in the area.

The studied area is located within 50 km to each side of the new inter-oceanic road that will join Brazil with the Peruvian ports, in the region that belongs to the Vilcabamba-Amboró Conservation Corridor, one of the world biodiversity hotspots.

The conclusion of this analysis is that obtaining revenue for the environmental services that the rainforest offers is the only way to preserve these areas. This approach has great potential to generate sources of additional income for local population with low income, contributing therefore to improve their way of life.

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  • Luis Miguel Aparicio on Dec 22, 2011

    How is it possible to sell tons of CO2 being certified by CCBA if CCBA is not a crediting system?
    How can Markit have this project registered as a VCS project when VCS doesn´t?

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