What the public is saying: People who want to SAVE GREENPEACE

Public and Members Respond to Greenpeace’s Hiring


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Greenpeace is an organization for which I have great respect, for they are

uncompromisingly standing up for that which does not have a voice; the

environment. Tzeporah Berman, however, does not represent this. At best,

she represents what cannot happen to this organization; becoming a

corporate pet. At worst, she represents an infiltration of the

organization by the corporations. Do not fall to the Corporate strategy of

the high-placed making decisions that ignore everyone else’s opinions and

the well-being of the group. That is the first step towards destruction.

Greenpeace cannot afford this, nor can any other environmental group. When

it comes to the environment, there is no compromise.

Regards, and please make the right choice,

– Eric


As a member of the public who has supported Greenpeace over the years, I

am appalled at the decision to hire Tzeporah Berman in any capacity

whatsoever. I call on Greenpeace International to rescind her hiring as

co-director of their international climate campaign.

Greenpeace has the chance to uphold the spirit of decades of dedicated

action, by renouncing collaboration and partnership with destructive

corporations Ð as well as the bought-and-paid-for greenwash spin of a

former environmentalist. Ms Berman does Greenpeace no favours, but I’m

sure her new job description has the IPP proponents and Premier Campbell’s

backroom boys rolling on the floor at Greenpeace’s decision to hire a fox

to help with the chickens.

Come to your collective senses, Greenpeace – there’s a planet to save!

Robyn Budd, Heriot Bay BC


Tzeporah Berman has skewed priorities and is in bed with political figures

that have been absolutely destructive to the environment in BC. Stop her

from joining Greenpeace!

Timothy Chu


I donate monthly to Greenpeace and recently made a one-time donation as a

gift for a number of friends. I would seriously consider stopping my

donations if Tzeporah Berman is hired as director of the Climate Campaign.

I am a resident of BC and have seen first-hand the destructive effects of

her support of a government that is hell-bent on exploiting the

environment and suppressing dissent.

Kevin Partridge

Burnaby, BC


Greenpeace needs to remain in its current position: it is a rare example

of a large environmental NGO that is bold, that won’t compromise, that

accepts physical bottom lines and will do whatever peaceful means it takes

to slow and stop the rate at which humans are destroying the planet.

Doesn’t that seem like an important quality to keep?

Berman does not belong with GPI. This is about more than just integrity-

this is about effectiveness on the largest problem humanity has ever


Connor Gibson Burlington, VT, USA


Dear Greenpeace,

Please protect your integrity and do not hire Tzeporah Berman to head your

climate change program.

She has lost all credibility in British Columbia as a protector of our

environment. Appointing her will damage your credibility and harm BC’s

chances for a non-corporate, public solution to our pressing environmental


Hiring Berman, who is widely disliked in environmental circles for her

unthinking adherence to what she thinks of as the new corporate way, will

be like hiring the oil industry as your spokesperson – not a wise move. Is

Greenpeace really falling for the BC Liberals’ greening of the province?

No environmental science backs up Gordon Campbell’s greenwashed plans, and

yet Berman continues to cheerlead for business. A wholly unproven and

politically dubious move at best. Who bought her?


Lindsay Brown

Stop Tzeporah Berman.


For the sake of Greenpeace’s future and our planet. DO NOT HIRE her.



Greenpeace International could not have made a worse decision in hiring

Tzeporah Berman . In my view Tzeporah Berman is the new Patrick Moore of

the environmental movement. She has lost touch with the ‘grassroots’ and

has become a “corporate voice piece”.

Aligning with Tzeporah Berman will cost Greenpeace International huge

support from many in the environmental movement, and worse yet will not

bring about the change that we all know is necessary.

Her position and action in support of Run of River and IPP projects is

enough evidence for me. She has to go.!!!!!! Please rescind your decision.

Mike Gildersleeve


It’s time greenpeace actually stood up to corporation and against the 2010

Olympic disaster. Firing Berman would be the first step.

Adam Lewis


To Greenpeace:

I am unalterably opposed to the potential hire of Tzeporah Berman. I

contribute to several environmental groups but the reason I support

Greenpeace is its policy of direct action. If this hire takes place,

Greenpeace is moving in the direction of other organizations which, though

I support, do not provide the unique actions that attracted me to

Greenpeace in the first place. I promise you that I will cease my

contributions to the organization if this hire takes place. Believe me.

Ken Klonsky


I am a member of Greenpeace, and was proud of its approach to confront

corporations who are destroying the environment. The appointment of

Tzeporah Berman is outrageous. I will be cancelling my membership.

Thanks for spearheading this opposition.

Karyn Callaghan


Stop corporate greenwashing!!!

Sterling Stutz


Greenpeace still has some go for it guts left. I was around during the

launch years when I edited the Georgia Straight in the 1970s and

Greenpeace negotiated the $300,000 loan that got it off the ground.

Tzeporah Berman then would have been considered a Public Relations

executive. Your campaign is valid.

Roland Morgan


As a member, I am appalled that such a questionable hiring decision would

be taken. I do not see how her track record aligns with the values of

Greenpeace. For the sake of the movement and our planet, I urge Greenpeace

to rescind the hiring of Tzeporah Berman as co-director of the

international climate campaign.

-AL, Qc.


My name is Gary Mills and I live in Terrace, B.C.

I am opposed to hiring this Berman to head Greenpeace. The situation with

the environment is too critical to make any accommodation with

corporations. Their practices must be opposed and stopped with no




One wonders WHO at Greenpeace is supporting the hiring of Tzeporah Berman.

This decision makes no sense at all and will shift all the influence

greenpeace now has in exactly the wrong direction. Don’t do it!

susan westren, Quadra Island, BC


The logging of ancient forest continues apace on the north coast of B. C.

Shame on berman and her fellow collaborators were duped and the world

loses a priceless treasure. thank you save greenpeace

I would object to having Ms Berman involved. I feel she has compromised

her reputation and would do the same to Greenpeace.

I can’t believe you are hiring this woman. If you go through with this you

will lose all credibility with the public and your thousands of

supporters. When it’s lost it’s gone for good. At the very least you

should be publically explaining your actions, Or have you just become

another corporate lacky. What’s the difference between you and them now.

Behind closed doors decisions, sleeping with the enemy, DO YOU REALLY THINK

PEOPLE ARE GOING TO PUT UP WITH THIS? IF I don’t get answers I’ll ask the

media , they’ll be all over this , wouldn’t they love to see a crack in


Tzeporah Berman shouldered her way through the hundred-thousand-strong

demo’s at Copenhagen to get into the exclusive BAU tent, where she lauded


Premier Gordon Campbell with a stupid ‘green’ trophy. Campbell was

there-and I quote from his website, “to support PM Stephen Harper, the

tar-sands lackey who shamed and embarrassed Canada before the world.

Shame on Greenpeace, -what a terrible fall from grace…

Cheers, Ingmar


We are in total agreement with entry #6. How dare Greenpeace use an image

of the Rainbow Warrior to solicit funds from the public and give the

organisation an activist veneer in order to pay themselves huge salaries

and burn fossil fuels flying around the world to talk about climate

change! Meanwhile grassroot activists in communities around the world are

affecting real change, without media fanfare and the trite photo ops that

Greenpeace uses to further advance its ‘spin’ of ‘direct confrontation’.




Please do not hire Tzeporah!

Louis Legal


Please keep my name anonymous.

I am a former staff member at Greenpeace Canada, and continue as an

activist with the organization. Senior Management at Greenpeace, both in

Canada and Internationally, speak of the importance of connecting

environmental and social justice. One of the first principles of the

ecology movement is that everything is connected. Tzeporah’s willingness

to compromise is an anathema to this principle. We cannot stand on the

side of GE or Victoria’s Secret one day as they decide introduce recycled

paper or put up a solar panel, and then retain credibility as they

continue to exploit women and profit from war. Tzeporah has tried too long

to straddle this contradiction in the name of achieving “wins”. One can

hope that Greenpeace is able to reform her, and make use of her excellent

organizing and communication skills. I worry however that her hiring

represents a continuation of a trend within the Greenpeace International

Climate campaign to ignore ecology and instead focus on implementing a

narrow vision that can not quite decide if it is really a (r)evolution.

Tzeporah Berman should not be given the chance to destroy the decades of

good work by a heretofore premiere leader of the environmental


Greenpeace Canada and Greenpeace International owe their thousands of

donors, supporters and staff a comprehensive explanation.

Just our concern over Berman’s credentials should prevent her getting hired.





I donate monthly to Greenpeace, but I would seriously consider stopping my

donations if Tzeporah Berman is hired as director of the Climate Campaign.

Mark Piron


I was rather surprised that an activist organization like Greenpeace

should hire a self professed ‘environmentalist’ in the person of Tzeporah

Berman whose credibility was completely destroyed in British Columbia with

her support for run-of-the-river power projects. The rest of the world was

given a well publicized view of her priorities when she gave our premier,

Gordon Campbell an ‘environmental’ award. The same person who has

encouraged log exports and fish farms ever since he was elected. The same

person who spent hundreds of millions on a road to a ski resort.

Jan Havelaar

Salt Spring Island


We have attended Greenpeace protests at all hours of the night and day,

and have been donating monthly for about 15 years (sometimes up to almost


We have defended Greenpeace’s reputation to anyone who’s criticized it

with the final salvo: “warts and all, would you rather they not exist?” to

which most critics agree, Greenpeace is a necessary organization.

However, the upcoming hiring of Tzeporah Berman has pushed even us–the

staunchest of Greenpeace loyalists–to jump ship.

As painful as it is, we are removing our support until steps have been

taken to stop Tzeporah Berman’s appointment.

We will notify both Greenpeace Canada ( and

Greenpeace International ( ) that we

would rather increase our support to organizations like which are actively working to protect BC’s

rivers from being privatized by the so-called run-of-river IPPs that

Berman has been shilling for.

We encourage anyone else taking this stand to let them know your

feelings–it’s the only way they’ll know why you’re taking those steps.

And we’re sincere about reinstating our support if Berman is removed.

(Read )

D. Brown and family,

Vancouver, BC


this would be a large mistake for greenpeace. have worked with this

individual for a half dozen years. sadly, a poor leader without team

skills, who treats subordinates without respect. unfortunately, her ego

and propensity for negotiations-at-all-costs routinely clouds her

judgment and forecloses on leverage and/or smarter solutions. activist

My name is Ms. Michael Victoria Moore and I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada

I have been a member of GreenPeace for many years and have always been

quite proud of your efforts and accomplishments. In the coming years we

(on Earth) will face many challenges and it will be even more important to

know with whom we stand. So many companies are scrambling to be seen as

socially just and to show that they operate with an environmental

conscience when in reality all they are doing is slapping green paint onto

a toxic logo.

GreenPeace and your brand have always stood for something good and

honorable. An easy banner to stand behind whatever the struggle. This is

not the time to sell out to corporate pressures or monetary influence. You

may gain ground with the corporations but your name will disappear under

the mud.

Please do not hire Tzeporah Berman or anyone like her as they are the

antithesis of everything that you stand for.

My thoughts,

M. V. Moore


This type of corporist-stooge appointment has no place in this organization.

Cary Appenzeller

Brooklyn, New York

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