WATCH: White Helmets – The Mask of Terror ( with English subtitles)

Anna News

January 6, 2017



In liberated Aleppo the ANNA-News crew was able to uncover evidence that sheds light on the true activity of the so-called rescue workers in Syria. This terrorist group, the White Helmets, is a project of the New York public relations firm Purpose (sister org. of Avaaz).

“In interviews he is nearly always credited with setting up GetUp and Avaaz, and this is constructed as the natural evolution for setting up his current corporate consultancy and campaigning organisation, Purpose, in 2009. As outlined earlier in the chapter Purpose is a “social business that helps build movements”, it works on building large-scale issue campaigns, as well as working with corporate actors to use storytelling and brand relations techniques to create mass supporter movements. On its website it lists 23 organisations that it has worked for, most are well known non-profits such as Oxfam, Habitat for Humanity, ACLU and the Services Employee International Union, but also includes for-profit companies such as Ben and Jerrys, Audi and Google. Seven organisations are listed as Incubators, which means that Purpose has started them as campaigns and built them, these include: AllOut working on GLBTQI rights internationally, the controversial Syria Campaign that started White Helmets, and Foodstand that tries to build an informed community about good food.” [Source: Vromen, Digital Citizenship and Political Engagement, DOI 10.1057/978-1-137-48865-7_6]



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  • James Graham on Oct 01, 2017

    “Hatred” doesn’t exist. Hegel: existence isn’t a property. I was introduced to Hegel by a guy who did the rounds of psychology seminars….telling them they were full of shite.(You say shit, we say shite in Scotland) Lenin, “Marx…(avoided the vulgarisation and over-simplifications that lead to stagnation of thought, and did not forget)…the VALUABLE fruit of the idealist systems, Hegelian dialectics—that pearl which those farmyard cocks…could not pick out from the dung heap of absolute idealism.”pp. 288-289, materialism and Empirio-Criticism, Peking, 1976.

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