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November 2nd, 2009

The good intentions of participants of 350 aside, requesting world leaders to reduce carbon emissions is unfortunately not going to work. Bill McKibben asserts that world leaders will listen “if we’re loud enough,” but that’s simply untrue. If we stick with symbolic action, the destruction will become progressively worse, and we will continuously lose ground and be reduced to begging for mercy that will never be granted.

Those in power (and their political representatives) will only stop destroying the planet if they are forced to do so. The immediate threat of social disorder and economic disruption will make them listen. An immediate and serious threat to their wealth and well-being will make them listen.


Code Green began in August 2009 as a weekly editorial cartoon focused on the environmental emergency.

In its first month, the cartoon appeared in the Los Angeles Times and Daily Beast. Reprints are easy and affordable — reprint info here.

Stephanie McMillan has been a political cartoonist since 1992. She creates the comic strip Minimum Security five days a week for United Media’s Her cartoons have appeared on hundreds of websites and in print publications worldwide including the Los Angeles Times, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Yes! Magazine, and the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

She has two books, a comics collection, Attitude Presents Minimum Security (NBM, 2005) and a graphic novel with writer Derrick Jensen, As the World Burns: 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Stay in Denial (Seven Stories Press, 2007).

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