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New Book: Emergency as Security–Liberal Empire at Home and Abroad

Zero Anthropology


January 18, 2014

by Maximilian Forte

EMERGENCY AS SECURITY: Liberal Empire at Home and Abroad

Kyle MacLoughlin and  Maximilian Forte

“Just as our vision of homeland security has evolved as we have made progress in the War on Terror, we also have learned from the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina….We have applied the lessons of Katrina to this Strategy to make sure that America is safer, stronger, and better prepared. To best protect the American people, homeland security must be a responsibility shared across our entire Nation. As we further develop a national culture of preparedness, our local, Tribal, State, and Federal governments, faith-based and community organizations, and businesses must be partners in securing the Homeland. This Strategy also calls on each of you….Many of the threats we face…also demand multinational effort and cooperation. To this end, we have strengthened our homeland security through foreign partnerships, and we are committed to expanding and increasing our layers of defense, which extend well beyond our borders, by seeking further cooperation with our international partners. As we secure the Homeland, however, we cannot simply rely on defensive approaches and well-planned response and recovery measures. We recognize that our efforts also must involve offense at home and abroad”. (George W. Bush, preface to Homeland Security Council, 2007).

Before we get into an overview of this book, we should provide you with some of the basic information about the book, and how to obtain a copy. Following that, we have a brief introductory overview of the contents and significance of this volume.

About the Book

Emergency as Security: Liberal Empire at Home and Abroad (Montreal: Alert Press, 2013), is the newly released third volume in the New Imperialism series emerging from the seminar at Concordia University. The published chapters consist of a selection of some of the best work produced by advanced undergraduate researchers in the seminar, and this is likely our best volume to date. Chapters in this volume offer some profound theoretical and analytical insights into the history and complexity of contemporary imperialism, as well as developing a useful conceptual vocabulary for analyzing the imperial landscape.

9-11-73 | Never Forget | Remember Allende

Last Words : Ultimo Discurso (Salvador Allende)

In 1970, Salvador Allende was the people’s choice for the President of Chile. However, he was not the choice of the establishment, the armed forces or the CIA – who financed an 8 million dollar campaign to de-stabilise his democratically elected government, and provided logistical support to the military coup which deposed him and led to 17 years of military dictatorship under General Pinochet. This film recalls Allende’s last radio speech before he died in the Presidential Palace, Santiago de Chile, on the morning of the eleventh of September 1973.

MUST WATCH: Splitting the Sky Speaking on the Antiwar Left & “Progressives”

March 14, 2013:

It is with a heavy heart that Onkwehón:we Rising relates to you the news that John Dacajeweiah Hill, aka “Splitting the Sky”, rotiskenhrakete of the Kanien’kehá:ka nation has passed on from this world to be with Our ancestors. Dacajeweiah, which means “Splitting the Sky” in the colonizer’s tongue, like the overwhelming majority of colonial subjects, experienced great hardship and suffering under the boot of the North American settler-colonial capitalist system, especially in his youth. [Read full article.]

Published on Mar 17, 2013:

Lazarus Productions and the 2008 Northwest Truth Convergence Proudly Presents:

Author and Activist John “Splitting the Sky” Boncore Speaks Truth to Power – July 5, 2008

“Let’s wake up brothers and sisters, because there’s hundreds there’s thousands of U.S. military men dead on a bogus, fraudulent war on terrorism. The war on terrorism that Dick Cheney says will never end in our lifetime. They intend to continue the war on terrorism. The documents that were written on the war on terrorism right after 9/11 were written by yours truly, Mr. George Soros. And now let me tell you something else, if you’re wondering why the Antiwar Movement in the United States and Canada will not talk to 9/11 Truthers is because they get financed very heavily by George Soros’ foundations, and to implicate 9/11 or to talk about 9/11 at all is a big no-no. And if you’re wondering why Amy Goodman or Noam Chomsky or Norm Soloman or Chip Berlet and all these other so-called intellectual giants of our time and mouthpieces for the people aren’t talking about 9/11 is because they get their money from the Ford Foundation, which is financed by the CIA and is also backed by George Soros. So, if you want to know why they’re not saying anything it’s because they’d rather have the money and shut their mouth than have no money and speak the truth. That’s who I am, that’s why I’m here today and we’re talking to that independent media right there. We’re talking to you, you’re talking to me. We’re gonna make this thing happen. Today is independence for all those who believe in justice for those who died in 9/11. Thank you.”

For the complete 37:52 minute speech, go to “Splitting The Sky Speaks: Truth To Power” at…