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US NGO’s and the Privatization of El Salvador

Jan 8, 2013

by ericdraitser

Stop Imperialism



As much of Latin America braces itself for the possibility of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s death, observers around the world would do well to note the stark contrasts that exist within the region.  On the one hand, there are the ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas) countries, united by Chavez in their rejection of US imperialism and neoliberal capitalism.  On the other hand, there are those countries which are still very much living under the hegemony of the United States.  In El Salvador, this means subservience to Washington and international investors who seek nothing less than total control of that nation’s economic destiny.  This attempt at economic monopolization can be summed up with one word: privatization.  It is precisely this strategy with all the union-busting, wage gouging, and propaganda disinformation that it entails, that is rearing its ugly head in El Salvador.

Argentine Journalist Stella Calloni Denounces Avaaz | Latin American Unions Follow Her Lead

And again, as always, the voices of reason, compassion and decency resonate from those descendants of the Latin American countries …

Latin American union groups and members have been “denouncing, through the network of friendly trenches, the hidden labor of AVAAZ and its duplicity in its treatment of certain topics”.  They have also circulated the response to Avaaz written by Stella Calloni – the highly respected Argentine journalist.
(Fwd: [uniondelospueblos] La labor solapada de AVAAZ y su doble cara. Stella Calloni desmiente mensaje a nombre de AVAAZ)

Stella Calloni, a member of the current leadership of the Union of Press Workers of Buenos Aires (UTPBA), is a highly respected correspondent in South America of the Mexican daily La Jornada and director of Challenge Magazine. She is also an author of numerous books including “The years of the Wolf: Operation Condor” (1999) and “Argentina, the crisis of resistance” (2002), among others.

The original version, as written in Spanish, follows.

23-feb-12, La Polilla

For some weeks we have been denouncing, through the network of friendly trenches, the hidden labor of AVAAZ and its duplicity in its treatment of certain topics; today, from Argentina, Stella Calloni thoroughly refutes the manipulative and dis-informing messages issued in the name of this group:

Stella Calloni refutes message in the name of AVAAZ


You lie. You know that hundreds of mercenaries have entered Syria, and special operations troops (the worst and dirtiest within the armies of United States, United Kingdom, France, Israel), and what they have in mind with this story about repression is to do the same as they did in Libya, first sending in these groups and mercenaries to create focos, so as to later say, when the government under attack defends itself, that it is attacking a rebellious people. You lie as did Goebbels, who now looks small next to you. And you know very well to whom you answer. You presented yourselves as a network for justice, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, to serve dirty wars, unjust invasions, and genocides like those committed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya. You are as criminal and mercenary as those who kill without pity. At least we are now many who have discovered your game.”