Stroke of a Pen


Image: The Swinomish Tribe has lived on the coasts of the Salish Sea since time immemorial. Today, rising seas not only threaten cultural traditions, but also the economic vitality of this small island nation in the shadow of a large oil refinery. [Source]

Intercontinental Cry

October 28, 2013

By Jay Taber

I think some environmentalists opposing fossil fuel export on the Salish Sea believe that Coast Salish tribes will be able to defeat Wall Street in this battle. I would not place much confidence in that assumption.

In addition to the Citizens Equal Rights Alliance/Tea Party anti-Indian campaign, federal departments — especially Interior, Treasury and Commerce — under Obama have intensified the attack against tribal jurisdiction. Given the make up of Congress and Obama’s commitment to Wall Street, tribal opposition to fossil fuel export could — like tribal sovereignty itself — be extinguished with the stroke of a pen.