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Stella Calloni: Disinformation Against Syria is Criminal

stellaStella Calloni, a member of the current leadership of the Union of Press Workers of Buenos Aires (UTPBA), is a highly respected correspondent in South America of the Mexican daily La Jornada and director of Challenge Magazine. She is also an author of numerous books including “The years of the Wolf: Operation Condor” (1999) and “Argentina, the crisis of resistance” (2002), among others.

Political Writings of Silvia Cattori 

June 11, 2012

by Stella Calloni

Originally published by Prensa Latina, June 9, 2012

Most mass media accuses the Syrian government for the crimes of more than 90 groups that have assassinated opponents. They are based in London or Paris – and pointed to by some observers sent by the United Nations, but none of them consulted the authorities of that country.

Nor did they echo of serious complaints registered about the crimes and massacres carried out by mercenaries who are the Special Forces of the great powers seeping across borders with Syria.

“This means they keep on torturing the audience that still remains for them, telling the eternal tale of bombings and massacres by the Syrian army on civilians” the Swiss investigative journalist, Silvia Cattori recently wrote – reporting among other cases, the non-existence of an alleged bombing by the Syrian government on March 23, 2012 that the press of the hegemonic powers described as “a deluge of fire in an incommunicado city.”

Racist Amnesty International Trying to Incite Terror Against Eritrea


TesfaNews | Eritrea

May 12, 2013

By Amanuel Biedemariam

Amnesty International is a warmonger

Amnesty International is a warmonger


It has been a while since the international community has been assaulted by the criminal entity Amnesty International (AI) using human rights as excuse to demonize nations and leaders of specific nations targeted for destabilization in pursuit of US and Western hegemony. The reality however, Amnesty International has taken the amnesty out of humanity and became a killing tool by using criminals they call dissidents, political opposition and human rights activists to do their dirty jobs of terrorizing people, religious and national institutions in countries of interest. 

Oddly, the spokespersons that AI, Human Rights Watch and other Western pseudo-rights groups assign to speak on behalf of Africans are almost always Caucasian, with absolutely no connection to the countries they speak against on human rights matters. Not much is required from these players that are misleading Americans and the world about the issues they research and present. And there are no regulations or laws that govern their activities.

For the most part, all they do is establish expertise in the area of interest by researching these countries based on safety of their homes from schools and universities of the West. And when they go to other countries for research, it is normally a Western puppet country that they use to buttress their credentials. Then, all their work is considered credible and solid. Furthermore, when the so called researchers or employees of AI, HRW, Reporters Without Borders and ilk present their report, it gets special attention from the “mainstream” media.