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WATCH: Why Anti-Zionism is Not Anti-Semitism

WATCH: Why Anti-Zionism is Not Anti-Semitism

The Electronic Intifada

Oct 6, 2021


In this 2021 mini-documentary from The Electronic Intifada, Nora Barrows-Friedman explains the difference between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism.

“A clear and simple way to define anti-Semitism is bigotry or discrimination against Jews just for being Jews. Palestinians have always clearly spoken out against anti-Jewish bigotry.

But I break down how supporters of Zionism are trying to contort and redefine what anti-Semitism is in order to shield Israel from accountability for its crimes against Palestinians.”


Zionism: An Arm of US Imperialism

October 28, 2023

By Hiroyuki Hamada


Lift the blockade. End Israeli apartheid. Support the struggle for liberation. 



Among the dissident communities, there is a deep seated belief that the root of all issues should be traced back to a theory which roughly amounts to “Jews conspiring to dominate the world”.  This sort of ideology comes in many forms and manifests in many ways. Traditionally it is closely associated with various fascist ideologies. Zionism has merged with the US imperialism. But it should be clearly noted that the Zionist Israel can’t survive without financial and military support of the US empire.

Ultimately, the theory obscures the fact that the capitalist social formation structurally locks people into caste-like social order in which people are deprived of their social relations based on their interests, while being conditioned to follow the imperatives of the ruling class. The idea prevents actual revolutionary momentums (the struggle against the class system and theft of collective powers by the minority) to take effects by negating implementations of actual measures aimed at overcoming the current social formation.  It reduces the problem into a vague abstract concept which can’t be tackled in reality.  Those who embrace this sort of ideology often laughs at people’s struggles saying that you are just pawns of the larger scheme by the evil whatever.

I see this dynamic in the light of recent development in Palestine.  The difficulty of overcoming the social formation resides in the fact that the social relations are manipulated and controlled for the interests of the ruling class. In Palestine this manifests in blatant abuse of humanity and extreme violence.  Routine kidnapping of children, illegal detention with tortures, destruction of houses/farmland, no freedom of movement, routine assassinations, routine military assaults, and embargoes. For people who lives in the society, this presents real life and death issues. They are cornered into impossible situations to break free. Half the population of Gaza are children. They grow up in the prison cage without any hope, seeing their houses destroyed and family members killed. Would it be a surprise to see an armed struggle?  What is the role of those westerners who desire a better social formation?  It can’t be laughing at those who struggle saying that you are just pawns of the empire, is it?  Or allowing only acceptable form of non- violent dissent—how can the west which demonized and killed MLK as soon as he spoke about imperialism decide how to struggle? Palestinians need determined support in obtaining their undeniable rights to be. The westerners aren’t in positions to dictate how they struggle, but westerners can stop the imperial domination.


This certainly doesn’t mean that we should engage in corporate backed identity politics. The problem should be seen as a structural one backed by capitalist social institutions. The aim is to change the structure and to allow people to dictate social institutions. The aim must not be an isolated tokenism within the imperial structure at the expense of the other oppressed people.  In the case of Palestine, it is clear that the Palestinians are under severe repression, but it is also clear that the people in Israel are forced to play a monster under Zionist/imperialist rule. The support they get from the US would stop immediately if it tries to peacefully coexist with neighboring countries while allowing all people to prioritize their own interests in harmony with the land. The imperial manipulations must stop.

It is crucial to see the presence of the imperial formation, however, it is also crucial to see the actual dynamics and struggles which take impossible measures, limited resources and long term plans in overcoming the situation. We don’t live in a blue print of an ideology. We live in a material reality which has been distorted to fit the imperial framework. Without seeing reality for what it is, we can not go forward with actual results.

In Palestine, how could we expect constructive results when we are among dissidents who believe Jews are dominating the world?  That surely encourage anti-semitism—a driving force of Israel.  It narrowly defines the issue as Israel vs, Palestinians. It allows the US to come in as a neutral mediator of some sort in constructing a “solution” which do not benefit the people in the region, or it continues to allow Israel to do what the US desires while the actual situation hidden in the false premise.

Zionism must be denounced wholeheartedly, and it must be done within the context of the anti-imperial struggle in which Muslims, Jews and the rest of the people can unite.