Response from TckTckTck Partner: Ethical Consumer – February28th, 2010

—-Original Message—–
From: ECIS [] Sent: February-28-10 10:23 AM
To: Canadians for Action on Climate Change
Subject: Re: TckTckTck Concerns | Time Sensitive – Your Response is Requested

Dear Canadians for Action on Climate Change,

Sorry for the late response, we are nearing copy deadline for our

magazine so struggled to respond on Friday.

Thank you for your email regarding concerns with the TckTckTck campaign.

Please see below for responses to your questions.

*1)     Was your NGO aware that the brand “TckTckTck” has deep corporate

ties? *

No.  It was described to us as ‘an alliance of civil society

organisations, trade unions, faith groups and individuals’

*2)     If so, how do you understand this relationship? *

Having investigated further since your email, it is still unclear to us.

There does not appear to be any clear information available regarding

the interaction between of TckTckTck and corporations, whether there is

any financial backing and if so, who from, etc.

The two websites ( and which

both use the same logo is at best confusing. Corporate links are only

displayed clearly on the former, but again the nature of the

relationship is unclear.

*3)     Do you see yourselves as part of a campaign alongside “corporate

partners” such as nuclear energy, genetic engineering, biofuels,

aviation, automotive and other problematic sectors?*

No, we are on the record as opposing many of these activities.  However,

we do not take the position that we won’t work with corporates.

*4)     If so, do you see how this creates confusion?*

*5)     In a release from Havas Worldwide it states “the idea behind

TckTckTck was to create a movement…rather than a campaign, but a

movement with a deadline. …the objective of the campaign was to make

it become a movement that consumers, advertisers and the media would use

and exploit.” *

*Were you aware that your NGO’s name and credibility would be used as a

commodity in this way? (and continues to be used) *

See below.

*6) Do you intend to remain a partner of TckTckTck even though there are

corporate ties?*

No.  This is not due to corporate ties per se, but because it appears to

us that the potential for brand confusion and exploitation by companies

is currently too strong.  The value of the TckTckTck brand has been

created by the credibility of the NGO partners.

Post COP15, the campaign does not currently appear to have a direction

or clear

goals, but the trademark is still potentially very valuable to corporations.

*7) Would you like to be removed from the list of partners of TckTckTck?*

Yes, given the lack of clear direction of the campaign and the potential

for brand exploitation, at present it would appear to make sense to do so.


From: Canadians for Action on Climate Change [] Sent: March-01-10 10:12 AM
To: ‘ECIS’
Cc: ‘Global Compliance’
Subject: [gccaall] RE: Response; relevant information for partners of tcktcktck

Hi Ethical Consumer,

Below is our response to tcktcktck which was sent to the GCCA-tcktcktck partner list this morning.

We hope to hear from you soon as we very much appreciated your care and concern you demonstrated in your reply to our survey.


Cory Morningstar

Joan Russow