Wilderness Society greenwashes Frontier Airlines

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Wilderness Society greenwashes Frontier Airlines

Posted by Anirvan Chatterjee ? May 26, 2011 ? Leave a Comment


How much does greenwash cost? $350,000, max. That’s how much Frontier Airlines is contributing to the Wilderness Society. In return, the low-cost airline received widespread media coverage of its environmental commitment. The Wilderness Society followed up by emailing members on May 17, describing how “thrilled” they are to be working with “Frontier Airlines – an airline aiming to become one of America’s greenest.”

What’s wrong with this story? The Wilderness Society claims to care about climate issues, but they seem to have forgotten that aviation causes 5% of human climate impacts.

A “green” airline is like a “green” coal company; small donations don’t erase the fact that Frontier Airlines’ success comes directly at the expense of our shared global climate—and low-cost carriers like Frontier are particularly problematic.

Unhappy about the Wilderness Society’s greenwashing of dirty aviation? Let them know.

(Image credit: fotdmike at Flickr)