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The road to hell is paved with corporate profits and compromised NGOs

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  • The Age of Natural Capital, and Why It Must Be Stopped

    “The financialization of nature is not about protecting the environment; it is about creating ways for the financial sector to continue to earn high profits….By pushing into new areas, promoting the creation of new commodities, and exploiting the real threat of climate change for their own ends, financial companies and actors are placing the whole world at risk.”

  • Valley of the Sex Dolls: Our Post-Apocalyptic Future Is Grimmer Than You Thought

    The backlash against this growing assault on both women, and Earth herself, is deafening – which speaks volumes to the swath of billion dollar NGOs that comprise the non-profit industrial complex feigning concern for climate change and the natural environment.

  • Navigating Ontario’s Online Political Front Groups

    RankandFile.ca March 23, 2018 By David Bush   ast fall the Facebook page…

  • Démocratie, Insurrection et Gilets Jaunes

    “C’est pourquoi, aujourd’hui, bien que l’immense majorité des Français déteste Macron, aspire à une véritable démocratie et soutienne les gilets jaunes, notre cher monarque est intouchable. La loi l’autorise à réprimer — et même, potentiellement, dans le sang — n’importe quelle insurrection. – Paradoxalement — peut-être — tout cela ne constitue pas une raison de ne pas participer à une insurrection. Au contraire.”

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