The road to hell is paved with corporate profits and compromised NGOs

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  • Fundacion Pachamama is Dead – Long Live ALBA | Part III

    “As resource accumulation necessitated the global transference of the principles of the Powell memo, NGOs are used as an integral soft power component of multinational corporate dominance that has now dwarfed any and all nation states in influence and control across the Earth.”

  • Misunderstanding the Civil Rights Movement and Diversity of Tactics

    “It’s gotten to be a pattern on the Left. When Black protest erupts into insurrection, as it did in Ferguson and Baltimore, most liberals and white radicals express empathy for the cathartic release of anger, but urge the oppressed that this is not the way.”

  • How the US Mental Health System Makes Natives Sick and Suicidal

    “There are forgotten heroes to know, ancestors of those currently trapped by the Native mental health system—a Lakota diagnosed with “horse-stealing mania,” a Cherokee laying claim to the land of Sweden, and a Mohawk, the first Indian psychologist, stepping up to challenge the white man’s labeling of his community’s children as feebleminded.”

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