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The road to hell is paved with corporate profits and compromised NGOs

From The Blog

  • The Best Lecture You Will Ever Watch on “Conservation”

    “That hot afternoon in Amboseli; I experienced my road to Damascus. I realized that I was part of a system that had no respect for the very bedrock on which it stood. I was a qualified black face put in place to smooth over fifty years of exploitation in two and to create a pleasant backdrop that would allow for the renewal of this insidious arrangement.”

  • Wanderer, Wondering Wonders of the Wonderful

    “We have all the environemtal™ organisations spouting the economically modified rhetoric, yet they dillusionally promote mining for solar panels as solutions to a predicament. They have beliefs of planetary conservation, while advocating for the very set of living arrangements driving two hundred species to extinction per day.”

  • Not in Front of the Children. Liberal Mediations of the Apocalypse

    “2°C of warming means the end of coral reefs and I cannot imagine what that means for humanity’s future. But liberal politics would see that as a more acceptable price than anything that interfered with capitalist economics and imperialist foreign policy.”

  • World Bank Collateral Damage

    “Over the last decade, projects funded by the World Bank have physically or economically displaced an estimated 3.4 million people.”

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