Wanted: Whistleblowers

If you are a whistleblower and wish to help blow the whistle on the sources behind the manipulation, compromise and selling out of unethical decisions made / being made by NGOs/ organizations, we want to hear from you and help get your story out.

As climate justice activists we take these matters very seriously.  We know it takes great courage and a strong sense of ethics to make the decision to break one’s silence and let the public know when the actions of a trusted NGO can be lawful but wrong or immoral. Although we cannot legally represent whistleblowers, we can make referrals to trusted advocates and discuss options for getting the word out to citizens, the press, or investigators, depending on the nature of the information.  We will not disclose your identity.

There are three main ways to reach us: You can call with a tip, anonymously or ideally along with some way to reach you to help verify the information: You can contact us at wrongkindofgreen@start.ca

Thank you for thinking about the public’s right to know the information you have as part of the health of our shared environment.