WATCH: Nuclear Apologetics and the Left Wing Environmental Movement in Canada

By Canadian documentary filmmaker Zach Ruiter.

Nuclear is the rape of Mother Earth and all people living on it, I won’t be silent about the complicity we have individually, in our movements, and I certainly won’t be silent about the complicity of United Steel Workers such as Carolyn Egan for claiming to speak for the environment, the complicity of news sites like Rabble, and Environmental Justice Organizations such as Environmental Defense that take money from United Steel Workers. USW + CAMECO = NuKillers destroying land with mining, radiation exposure, and high level waste. – Zach Ruiter

“Carolyn Egan of the Toronto United Steel Workers Claims Ignorance on how USW represents Cameco’s uranium miners and refiners, but will talk your ear off about tar-sands… this is co-optation and direct complicity with ecocide.”